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Skylanders is getting its own animated Netflix show this fall

Skylanders is getting its own animated Netflix show this fall


The first show from Activision Blizzard's film and TV studio

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Netflix is working hard on expanding its content for children, and its latest addition should attract more than a few underage binge-watchers. An animated TV show based on the Skylanders franchise named Skylanders Academy will premiere on Netflix this fall. It'll follow the exploits of a number of popular characters from the toys-to-life game (a genre where physical figurines are used to interact with in-game characters) as they "travel the vast Skylands universe, protecting it from evil-doers.'"

skylanders has made more than $3 billion in sales

The show is the first from Activision Blizzard's film and TV studio, which launched last November. Skylanders itself is one of the most successful toys-to-life games (a genre which also includes Lego Dimension and the recently shuttered Disney Infinity), and has racked up sales of more than $3 billion to date. It's not surprising then that the show has some serious talent attached: Justin Long will be voicing Spyro, Ashley Tisdale will be Stealth Elf, Breaking Bad star Jonathan Banks will be Eruptor, and comedian Norm MacDonald is grabbing the role of Glumshanks. The show will be produced under the supervision of Eric Rogers — a showrunner for Futurama — with a first series scheduled for this year and a second in 2017.