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Microsoft makes it easier to clean install Windows 10 and wipe out bloatware

Microsoft makes it easier to clean install Windows 10 and wipe out bloatware

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Microsoft is testing out a new tool that makes it a lot easier to clean install Windows 10. While the software giant has offered Windows 10 users the ability to "reset" a PC and restore it back to an original installation, the new tool will wipe out any bloatware installed by PC manufacturers and install a full clean copy of Windows 10. It seems ideally suited for new PCs that you want to quickly clean and remove unnecessary software from.

The tool is currently only available to Windows insiders, but it appears that Microsoft is testing it before releasing it more widely. Windows 10 testers will welcome the tool, especially as the Anniversary Update is nearing finalization before it's released broadly next month. Microsoft has released two Windows 10 test builds this week to testers, and the company is running a "bug bash" to try and discover as many bugs as possible before it finalizes the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Alongside the new tool, Microsoft is also making changes to Windows 10 Mobile. The Kids Corner feature of Windows 10 Mobile is being removed due to low usage. "The usage of Kids Corner was too low to justify continued development and support of the feature," says Dona Sarkar, head of the Windows Insider program. Microsoft still has Apps Corner, which allows you to create a separate locked down profile with specific apps and a custom Start screen.

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