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Snapchat is starting up a digital magazine about technology

Snapchat is starting up a digital magazine about technology


It's called Real Life, and it will publish one story a day

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Snapchat is starting a digital magazine called Real Life that will cover the world of technology, the company announced today. Instead of focusing on the news of the industry, Real Life will feature "essays, arguments, and narratives about living with technology," according to a blog post from Nathan Jurgenson, a Snapchat employee and social media theorist who will serve as Real Life's editor-in-chief.

Curiously, the publication will live on the web, not in the app. Jurgenson says that Real Life will publish one piece of writing each weekday, "though we may eventually expand to other mediums and formats as well." (That kind of cadence lines up perfectly with Snapchat Discover, the part of the Snapchat app where a number of publications offer up new content every day.)

Real Life is being funded by Snapchat, though Jurgenson is careful to mention in his post that the site will retain editorial independence. The publication will launch on June 27th with a team of writers with diverse writing backgrounds not necessarily rooted in technology — Rob Horning, Alexandra Molotkow, and Sarah Nicole Prickett are the site's senior editors, and Soraya King is the managing editor.