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Daniel Clowes says the movie version of his graphic novel Wilson is coming out this fall

Daniel Clowes says the movie version of his graphic novel Wilson is coming out this fall


It'll star Woody Harrelson and Laura Dern

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According to Daniel Clowes, the cinematic adaptation of his 2010 graphic novel Wilson is being released sometime this fall. Clowes revealed the release window while appearing on Marc Maron's WTF podcast last week, where it remained unnoticed until The Playlist wrote it up this afternoon. When Maron asked Clowes if he was working on any TV projects or movie projects, Clowes replied, "There's a Wilson movie coming out in the fall." (You can hear the segment starting at roughly 1:47:30.)

Wilson revolves around a surly, misanthropic Oakland resident, and the titular character will be portrayed by Woody Harrelson; Laura Dern will play his ex-wife, an addict who re-enters Wilson's life after his father dies. The Skeleton Twins' Craig Johnson is manning the camera. It'll be the first adaptation of Clowes' work since 2006's Art School Confidential. (No, Shia LaBeouf's 2013 plagiarism of Clowes' comic Justin M. Damiano doesn't count.) And if you're a music nerd, you have extra reason to rejoice: celebrated film composer Jon Brion is handling the score.

Wilson's road to the big screen has been long and treacherous. The original comic was optioned by veteran director Alexander Payne just a year after its initial release, a deal that included Clowes' involvement as the screenwriter. It sat in limbo for a few years — at one point, Payne was telling interviewers he was no longer involved — before Johnson grabbed the reins and Harrelson and Dern were cast. (Payne's still attached as a producer.) The process may have been messy, but there's still a chance Clowes & co. can return to the cinematic heights he reached all the way back in 2001 with Ghost World. That movie earned Clowes an Oscar nod and helped to launch Scarlett Johansson's career; as far as legacies go, you could do much worse.

Update June 21st, 8:00PM ET: Fox Searchlight has noted that Wilson doesn't have an official release date yet, despite Clowes' comments regarding the release window above. While it wouldn't confirm or deny the movie will eventually receive a fall release, the article has been updated to reflect that uncertainty.