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326 people visited government websites from a PlayStation 3 yesterday

326 people visited government websites from a PlayStation 3 yesterday


Even one would be too many

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Today, the US government’s Digital Analytics Program (with some help from roving web-development squad 18F) released some pretty cool data sets on who’s visiting the government’s various websites. You can see which website is most popular (USPS!) and which operating system people tend to be using (Windows!) and new combinations of who's visiting what with what. It's basically the kind of data you get when you own a website. 18F decided to make it public since I guess technically all the data belongs to the American people anyway. Public service!

Chrome is the most popular browser, no surprise, but it also turns out people have been connecting to government sites in some pretty janky ways. According to the web browser spreadsheet, the PlayStation 3 browser logged 326 visits to government sites yesterday alone. The PlayStation Vita, basically a Game Gear with Wi-Fi, came in just behind it, with 307. Netscape logged 172 separate visits on the same day, more than eight years after the developers discontinued support.

That’s bananas! I’m not sure what chain of life decisions and cascading URLs leads a person to visit the postal service website from a PlayStation Vita, but it seems like a terrible result for everyone involved. If you are reading this on a PlayStation Vita, please stop! Put the Vita down and make your way to a less nonsensical device.

And if you ever meet a web developer and they seem rude or touchy or mean, just remember they may have spent all day figuring out how a website will render on a gaming console that was released in 2006.

Update 5:35PM ET: Please don't do this to yourself.

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