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No Man's Sky can keep its name after developer settles with Sky TV

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No Man's Sky, the hotly anticipated adventure game due out this summer, won't suffer a last-minute name change. Hello Games founder Sean Murray tweeted last night that the company had just settled with Sky, the UK's largest pay-TV broadcaster.

Murray didn't state what the terms of the settlement are, but apparently the legal battle has been plaguing Hello for years:

Taking on Sky was serious business, as it jealously guards its brand. The company took Microsoft to court in 2013 over the SkyDrive name. The UK court ruled in Sky's favor, and Microsoft eventually changed SkyDrive to OneDrive. Thankfully, Hello Games got a much more favorable outcome. No Man's Sky comes to PS4 and PC (finally!) on August 9th.

Update June 18th, 10:30AM ET: A previous version of this article stated that Sky was a cable provider. That was inaccurate and the post has been updated.