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VSCO's new app features a fresh look and lots of gesture control

VSCO's new app features a fresh look and lots of gesture control


New design gives discovery as much of a priority as editing

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VSCO update for iOS
VSCO update for iOS
Dan Seifert / The Verge

VSCO today announced a new version of its flagship mobile app that incorporates a complete redesign of its navigation and layout. The new app, which will be available for both iOS and Android over the coming weeks, also includes refreshed icons and a gesture-based interface.

The company says that the goal with the redesign is to give equal priority to its content creation and content discovery tools, and to lay a foundation for other new features that are in the works. VSCO originally launched (under the name VSCO Cam) as an image editing app, but has since grown into both a place to edit images and a platform to share and discover photos, video, and other content. The new version simplifies the layout of the app into two panes, down from the four sections that it was previously divided into.

Gestures are making a big splash in this version of the app, with a central "globe" icon acting as the way to navigate between the two panes of the app and launch the camera and new search interface. It's a quick and intuitive way to jump around the app, and it's fun to flick up to launch the camera and pull back down to quickly get back. The sparse, chromeless look of the app is reminiscent of Snapchat, but the navigation isn't nearly as difficult or obtuse as Snapchat's. A number of elements within the app echo the design and layout of VSCO's other mobile app, DSCO. Finding new images and video within the app has also been improved with a new list of suggested follows.

One area that hasn't seen much of an update is the image editing section. VSCO updated some of the iconography and improved speed and performance, but the general editing workflow remains unchanged.

VSCO app update


VSCO says the new app should be available to users on both iOS and Android in the near future. The company also notes that today's update is just the "first of many" that will be coming to the app in the near future.