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Elon Musk promises 'big' event for Model 3 later this year

Elon Musk promises 'big' event for Model 3 later this year

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Tesla already held one huge event for its more affordable, mass-market Model 3 this year — but apparently, there's another in the works.

On stage at Code Conference today, in response to a question from Walt Mossberg about whether the base Model 3 would include Autopilot functionality, CEO Elon Musk teased that there'd be a "big" event for the Model 3 toward the end of the year. He wouldn't say anything about what would be unveiled there, only that they'd do "the obvious thing."

What "the obvious thing" for the next Model 3 event might be isn't that obvious, though. The car, which is expected to reach the first customers toward the end of 2017, was shown at its March event without a finished and fully explained interior — a fact which made the rounds in the press — so explaining the production interior of the car could be a part of it. There's also the fact that Musk mentioned the event in response to a question about Autopilot, so Tesla could unveil the Model 3's Autopilot system (possibly with enhancements above and beyond the one currently deployed on the Model S) there. Rumors in the lead-up to the Model 3 launch event had suggested that Tesla would show multiple versions of the car — perhaps a smaller crossover to accompany the Model X — so that could make an appearance as well.

Before this event, though, Tesla has another: the official opening party for the Nevada-based Gigafactory battery plant is set for July 29th, and Musk personally invited Code's Mossberg and Kara Swisher to come along.

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