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Windows 10 testers can now sync Windows phone notifications to PCs

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Microsoft enabled Android phone notifications to be delivered directly to Windows 10 PCs last month, and now the company is bringing the same feature to Windows 10 Mobile. In the latest preview version of Windows 10 Mobile (build 14356), testers can enable notifications to sync up to their PCs. Both the phone and PC will need to be running the latest test versions of Windows 10, and if you're using an Android phone you can download the latest version of Cortana to enable the new feature.

Microsoft is making use of Cortana on both Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 to sync the notifications, and you'll even be able to reply to some notifications from a PC. Cortana is also getting an exclusive Windows 10 Mobile feature with this latest build, allowing you to simply say "send this photo to my PC" and have a photo immediately delivered to your PC. Microsoft has also included a new animation for when Cortana is listening to you speak.

All of these new features will arrive for all Windows 10 users in the Anniversary Update which will be released for PC and phone users at the end of July.