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Amazon and Best Buy to begin selling hoverboards that won't explode

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Amazon is about to start selling hoverboards again, and Best Buy will begin selling hoverboards for the first time, now that safety-compliant boards are hitting the market.

The first coming to Amazon appears to be Segway's MiniPro, a relatively large hoverboard with a "knee control bar" that might look kind of nerdy but is supposed to allow for better maneuverability. It's an enhanced model of the Ninebot Mini announced in October and will sell for $999. Best Buy's first hoverboards will be Swagtron's T1 and T3, both of which will be available this month.

Amazon banned sales of all hoverboards — twice — over safety issues, following continued reports of units exploding and catching fire. In response, the testing group UL developed safety standards, designed to ensure that hoverboards won't break down in dangerous ways. The first to pass its tests are now rolling out, which is why we're finally seeing them return to major stores.