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A beautiful synthetic dog

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This is a synthetic dog. I named him Chez, because it is a beautiful name, and he is a beautiful dog. Look how his eyes sparkle while he's strapped to a steel veterinary school operating table, his muscular arms raised above his head, fake blood flowing out of his never-sentient body. His tongue, flapped to one side, resembles a red flag on a suburban mailbox.

What can I say about Chez that hasn't already been said? He is an anatomically correct canine replica created by SynDaver Labs. The company recently launched an Indiegogo campaign so Chez could be a permanent replacement for the shelter dogs often used for surgical training in veterinary schools. His body looks like uncooked bacon.


Sure, up close he might look like he has been skinned alive. And yet, in all my days I have never seen a dog more full of vigor, more vibrant, than Chez.


Let's hear it for Chez!