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Mark Hamill will host a show about geek supercollectors for the Comic-Con network

Mark Hamill will host a show about geek supercollectors for the Comic-Con network

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Comic-Con's upcoming streaming service has landed a big name for one of its original shows: Luke Skywalker himself. Today Comic-Con HQ announced that Mark Hamill would be hosting a new show, Pop Culture Quest, which will feature Hamill talking to memorabilia collectors while they show off their impressive treasure troves of action figures, comic books, and other pop culture items.

"I've been a collector all my life," Hamill says in the introduction video for the series — which, if we're being honest, doesn't look the most polished piece of original programming to ever grace the internet. But thankfully the show itself hasn't even begun shooting yet; that will start this June, when Hamill has wrapped shooting on Star Wars: Episode VIII. Mark Hamill's Pop Culture Quest is scheduled to premiere later this fall with, we're guessing, a clean-shaven Hamill — but hey, one never knows. I personally enjoy the grizzled, haunted Skywalker thing.

Comic-Con HQ is being touted as a way for fans to experience the joy (but not the chaos) of the annual San Diego Comic-Con every month of the year, and of all the various niche streaming services being attempted, appealing to hardcore geek fandom certainly seems like a smart bet. But with so much content already available for free online, it's going to be up to Comic-Con HQ to establish why it's worth $5 a month for subscribers (or $50 a year). The channel is currently in beta ahead of its big launch this July, so if you want to take a look at what HQ currently has to offer, you can sign up here.