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Donald Trump wants you to join him in a flight simulator

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The line between imagination and reality is always a bit tricky, never more so than during a presidential campaign. But in his latest tweet, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump fully crossed that line.

Announcing an upcoming appearance in Redding, California, Trump tweeted the following image:

Not only is it not a picture of Redding, California, it's not even a picture of the real world. It's a computer-generated image, apparently taken from an OrbX flight-simulator model of Redding Airport, designed for use in simulators like Lockheed's Prepar3D and Microsoft's Flight Simulator X.

It's not clear why the Trump campaign opted for a rendering of the airport when photos of the actual airport are freely available, but in the campaign's defense, OrbX does excellent work.

Update 6:34PM ET: The tweet has been deleted in connection with legal objections detailed here.