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Misfit is bringing swim tracking to the Shine 2 and Ray with an in-app purchase

Or get the Speedo Shine 2, which comes with swim tracking out of the box

Misfit is expanding the capabilities of its Shine 2 and Ray fitness trackers with the swim-tracking features first introduced in the Speedo Shine last year. In addition, the company is releasing the Speedo Shine 2, an update to last year’s model that’s based on the Shine 2 tracker.

Owners of the Ray and Shine 2 will be able to add swim tracking to their devices through a $9.99 in-app purchase. The devices, which are water-resistant up to 50 meters, will then be able to track swim times and lap counts. The company says it uses proprietary algorithms for lap counting and that the features work with all stroke types.

The Speedo Shine 2, which is available today for $119.99, is based on the Shine 2 and can track swimming, running, walking, cycling, and other activities out of the box. It’s thinner than its predecessor, lasts up to six months on a coin cell battery, and has multicolor lights to show progress toward goals or alert you to incoming calls or messages.

Misfit Speedo Shine 2 Misfit

Misfit says that it plans to offer future updates and features to its products via the in-app purchase model, which will let owners "customize and enhance their app experience based on the activities and features that matter most to them." The upgrade will be available to Ray and Shine 2 owners next month.