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Sorry, there's no free pizza on T-Mobile today

Sorry, there's no free pizza on T-Mobile today


But here's a handy list of alternative ways to get your Domino's fix

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If there’s one food obsession that surpasses all others in today’s world, it’s pizza. The latest evidence of pizza’s overwhelming popularity was last week’s T-Mobile Tuesday deal that offered the carrier’s subscribers a free Domino’s pizza. It was shut down relatively quickly owing to a tripling and even quadrupling of demand, as gleefully tweeted by T-Mobile CEO John Legere. Basically, mix pizza with the incendiary material of a free giveaway and you’ll generate an explosion of demand that would vanquish even a big chain like Domino’s.

For T-Mobile, this means that this Tuesday’s giveaway will have to be altered, and the company has arranged for free Lyft rides worth up to $15 as the pizza substitute. Needless to say, that’s hardly much consolation for all the pizza enthusiasts out there. For them, I’ve compiled a brief list of alternative methods for obtaining Domino’s pizza:

You can order Domino's pizza from your Samsung Smart TV.

You can order Domino’s pizza with emoji.

You can order Domino’s pizza from your car.

You can order Domino’s pizza with a hacked Amazon Dash button.

You can ask Amazon’s Alexa to order Domino’s pizza for you.

Domino's app can automatically order a pizza when you open it.

And when the pizza is on its way over, rest assured that it will be in good, potentially robot, hands and available to track via either app or watch. Domino’s now has a fleet of delivery cars designed to keep your pizza safe.

Oh, and if you’re weird and prefer Pizza Hut, here’s a bit of techie trivia for you: the first-ever online purchase was a Pizza Hut pizza in 1994.