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Sonos now lets you control your music from the iOS lock screen

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It took a fairly long time, but today Sonos finally got around to adding lock screen controls to its iOS app. So now you can pause, skip, or backtrack songs without needing to unlock your iPhone or iPad first to get at the Sonos Controller app. These are the same lock screen music controls you'd see from any other app, but it's something Sonos users have been waiting for.

The latest iOS update also adds support for Split View and Slide Over on iPads, plus some iPhone 6S 3D Touch actions that Sonos says will help you get to your music faster. (If you're also seeing "rc" on your Sonos app icon, that'll be fixed soon.)

Other changes: Rhapsody and Napster (they're about to be the same thing) now stream at higher bitrates, and Sonos has simplified the process of optimizing your speaker's sound quality with the Controller app's Trueplay function. But those lock screen controls are probably what you'll be using most out of all this. The latest Sonos Controller for iOS update is available now from the App Store.