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NASA’s new Apple TV app lets you live stream launches and check on the space station


These days, if you want to watch a NASA-sanctioned rocket launch or astronauts play on the International Space Station, you typically reach for your computer. You can always watch these kinds of space activities on TV with NASA’s cable channel, but for those who don’t want to shill out money for that, online broadcasts through the NASA TV live stream are usually the way to go. Well, now there’s a pretty easy method to see NASA’s launches and other space-related activities on your TV that doesn’t involve syncing up your computer to your television monitor: NASA’s newly released Apple TV app.

Access to NASA TV on your actual TV

The app, which has been available for iOS, Android, and Fire OS, is now available to download for free on Apple TV. It provides access to NASA TV on your actual TV, as well as a channel that gives you live views from the International Space Station. There are also more than 15,000 NASA photos you can scroll through, as well as video roundups like "This Week @ NASA." The app even has a comprehensive list of all the missions that NASA is working on, such as the Juno mission which is slated to reach Jupiter on July 4th.

And if the app seems a little boring for your taste, you can scroll through its goodies while listening to NASA’s online radio station "Third Rock," which the space agency says is "crafted specifically to speak the language of tech-savvy young adults." Really, the app's only failing is that it's not called NASApp.