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Seinfeld in Doom is far more upsetting than it should be

Seinfeld in Doom is far more upsetting than it should be


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What sort of man spends 100 hours recreating Jerry Seinfeld's apartment in Doom 2someone who loves Seinfeld or who hates it very much? Doug Keener, creator of said map, claims he "absolutely loves" the show, but I'm less certain. After all, plenty of people like to mess around with custom Doom maps, but not everyone lets you point the super shotgun in the face of beloved characters — characters so familiar you're just waiting for the day you can hang out with them in virtual reality forever and ever — and then reduce them to red pulp.

Well, that is the nature of Doom, I guess, but it makes for a more upsetting game than any ultra-realistic violence could provide. Maybe in the future, Keener can give Jerry and the gang a bit more of a fighting chance: splice Kramer with an Imp, for example, and let him hurl fireballs at you. Or turn George into a floating, ball-lightning-belching Cacodemon. Anyway, until then you can download Keener's Seinfeld map from Google Drive, and hey, at least you get to shoot Newman, too.