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Comcast made a TV series about watching TV to promote its on-demand TV

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Just when you thought the world of #content had peaked forever, some crazy corporation goes and out-troncs the competition. Step forward Comcast, which this week unveiled what can only be described as the Time Cube of sponsored content: a short-form TV comedy about a couple who get addicted to a TV series they find on Comcast's Xfinity On Demand service. Honestly, it's content that is so pure and unalloyed I'm almost weeping.

the time cube of sponsored content

Variety reports that six episodes of the miniseries  — named Glued — have been made, with the first four already available to watch on Comcast's YouTube channel. And really, it's a harrowing thing to sit through, with Glued following married couple John Ross Bowie and Jamie Denbo as they gradually neglect their children, alienate their friends, and betray each another in order to feed their mounting TV obsession.

What Comcast has done is clever. Alhough Glued might look like a run-of-the-mill TV comedy, complete with smooth production values and an upbeat title card, all of this is just set-dressing; commentary on the dangers of TV itself. This may look slick and wholesome and fun, Comcast is saying, but it will crawl under your skin, burn the thought out of your brain, and turn you into a husk of a human without you ever noticing.

Producer Sharon Horgan has called the show "so fresh, and clever, and real," and she's right. Horribly, horribly right. You can watch the misery for yourself below: