What should I ask for at work - part two


My December post won't allow new comments, so I'm pasting everything here. I got some great replies, but the last one was in February and I know there are new options now.

I spend a lot of time trying to work from locations other than my desk. It's usually for 30 minutes to an hour so lugging my MacBook pro around never really feels like the best solution(especially since it's a 2012 and seems absurdly thick now). I really only need a keyboard, outlook, word, excel(guess I could have just said Office), and the internet. What laptop/tablet/weird hybrid should I ask my employer to buy for my use? Bonus points if I can fit it in my ultracoolgirl padfolio*. Oh, and, my employer is a public university so cost matters.

*My padfolio looks like something your dad probably uses, but it holds my work life and I will carry it until it disintegrates.

Update: Thanks for all who commented on this. It's June and I still don't have a device, but if you've ever worked in higher ed I'm sure you're not surprised. The MacBook Pro I am currently hauling is my own, I only have a desktop provided by work. Also, I've ditched the padfolio.

Now I am realizing that I also need the capability to connect to shared network drives. My current makeshift iPad (also personal) solution tells me that an iPad is just out as an option. I am also realizing that as I balance my MacBook on my lap to type this, the Surface will be out due to kickstand.

So. Any updated recs for a fast, lightweight, Office capable, lap balanceable, price somewhat negotiable, but otherwise not too fancy laptop or ultrabook? Screen honestly isn't super important to me because I'm still rocking that 2012 MacBook display anyway. But I would want a good trackpad and quiet keyboard.

Thanks for all the help. I know if I just take what the University will give I will hate it so I want to be confident when I ask for something specific.