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How cool does a bladeless fan make you?

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Dyson's fans look cool. There's no getting around it — there's just something about them that makes you want to spend stupid amounts of money on what ought to be a very basic home product.

There are a few big perks to Dyson's latest, the Pure Cool Link, that might make it all worthwhile. There's the blade-free design, of course, but there's also a built-in air purifier and a Wi-Fi connection that lets you control it all from afar. We took a look to see if spending $499.99 on a high-tech fan (plus $69.99 on air filters) gets you the truly amazing cooling experience you'd expect, or if you should just stick with whatever happens to be at the store.

Not to spoil too much, but keep in mind that keeping you cool is a fan's primary job. And Wi-Fi doesn't really help with that.

Video by Phil Esposito and Max Jeffrey.