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Boston Dynamics made a giraffe robot

Boston Dynamics made a giraffe robot

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Boston Dynamics — the (for now) Alphabet-owned company behind BigDog and other impressive machines — has just unveiled its latest robot: SpotMini, an all-electric, smaller version of its Spot robot.

One notable change: the 'bot can now be equipped with an elongated neck, which it shows off in a demonstration by helpfully picking up a glass and putting it in the dishwasher. Cute, and functional:


And here it is rebelling against human-centric beverage consumption:


Boston Dynamics' robots are notable for not falling over, even when given a good kick. But as its most cartoonish creation, this one apparently has one weakness: banana-peel-like obstructions, casually strewn on the floor:

Boston Dynamics

Robots: graceless oafs, just like us.

The robot butler of the future