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Mr. Robot season two extended to 12 episodes

Mr. Robot season two extended to 12 episodes


Two additional episodes for the summer run

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Mr. Robot's second season is getting a two-episode extension, bringing it from 10 episodes to 12, USA announced today. That's great news for fans of the Sam Esmail drama that's become of the most daring and frenetic TV shows about modern technology to date. Mr. Robot's mix of believable cybersecurity narratives, nihilistic social commentary, and paranoia-fueled psychosis has been a huge hit, earning it a slew of awards and thrusting Esmail and star Rami Malek to newfound fame.

Because of the extension, Mr. Robot season two will now kick off on July 13th with a two-episode premiere. In true Mr. Robot fashion, the episodes' titles, "" and "," are as cryptic as on-screen coding. USA has also commissioned an hour-long post-show program called Hacking Robot to offer a behind-the-scenes look at each week's installment.