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Kit Harington will doggedly pursue you

Kit Harington will doggedly pursue you

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Look! It's Kit Harington, aka Jon Snow, aka Admiral Salen Kotch, the villain of the upcoming Call of Duty game!

Kit has been doing motion capture in London for the last week, according to a press release. Sherlock Holmes director Guy Ritchie directed the shoot, but I don't know who took these photos of Kit or whether Kit was informed that they would be shared with the world. They are not flattering; in fact, they are sort of terrifying. Harington looks at least 800 times more frightening than he does on Game of Thrones, and he beat a guy to a bloody pulp last week. Before you tell me that was just Jon Snow, and not Kit himself, please watch this interview in which Kit Harington says he kept "accidentally" really punching Iwan Rheon in his actual face. HBO spent at least $10 million on that episode! I'm sure there was a fight choreographer! Safety measures were in place. And yet!

Anyway, here is a photo of Kit doing his best impression of a Mad Max: Fury Road War Boy extra. But also with creepy French clown eye makeup.

kit harington

"Kit's transition from the fields of Winterfell to the dark vastness of space is seamless," according to the Activision press release. I definitely agree that Kit's look will transition well to the dark vastness of space (So moody! So vague! So chilled to the bone!), but I would like to add that Kit Harington does not actually live in Winterfell. No, he just lives in my nightmares now (also London).

kit does not live in winterfell, he lives in me like i'm one of his horcruxes

Supposedly, Kit will "doggedly pursue the player throughout the Infinite Warfare narrative, eventually leading to a dramatic confrontation." I wonder if the dramatic confrontation will be about whether or not objectifying men is "sexist."

In the following photograph, Kit Harington is sitting for a facial scan. He looks so beautiful, like a statue. It's nice unless you think about what's going on behind the mask. He's making his plans for doggedly pursuing you or me and spoiling our plans to run our evening errands! Run!!!

kit harington

I am so happy for Kit and all the money this venture will funnel towards him, but I would like to forget seeing these photographs.

I think I speak for the whole The Verge staff when I say that we do not want any more press releases from anyone, ever, for any reason. Thank you.

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