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Aston Martin's one-off Vantage GT12 Roadster was designed to roar

Looks like a beauty, sounds like a beast

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"He wanted to hear the sound of the engine."

The most extreme Aston Martin roadster to date is a one-off creation tailored to the desires of one very particular customer. The anonymous gentleman — of course it would be a dude — wanted to truly hear the roar of the engine of Aston Martin's already exclusive (limited to 100) Vantage GT12 and so he asked the company to design him a bespoke roadster variation. I talked with the car's designer, Marek Reichman, who's also the chief creative officer at AM, and he told me that the top priority was how it sounded.

The 101st GT12 is, of course, not just about the acoustics. This souped-up speedster carries on much of the aggressive styling of the GT12 while adding a few alterations to make it unique in its own right. It still looks angry and muscular, even in its more demure silver colorway. The whole thing is made out of carbon fiber, which Reichman tells me was the only way to achieve the desired lightness — and it was quite an engineering feat given the rapid production time, even if he says so himself. Aston Martin took only a year to go from proposal to delivery of the GT12 Roadster, and the car is at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this week to show off the bespoke Q by Aston Martin design service responsible for it.

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Reichman wouldn't divulge the price of the custom GT12 edition that he's designed and will soon be driving up the famous Goodwood Hill, though he did note that the slightly less special Vantage GT12 starts at £250,000. So we can look north of that price with our guesses for the GT12 Roadster's cost. I did also find out that the roadster will have Apple CarPlay installed. I guess if there's one positive aspect of the Brexit vote dragging down the pound sterling, it's that British brands like Aston Martin and McLaren will suddenly become much more affordable to wealthy people overseas. Isn't it good to know there's a silver lining for the rich?

The one thing I can conclude already about the Vantage GT12 Roadster is that the car does indeed live up to its design brief. Its engine noise is raw and primordial and thoroughly satisfying. It fills the ears with a deep bass when the car is just trotting along and a savage roar when the engine is revved. Check it out in all its carbon fiber glory in the pictures below.

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Aston Martin Vantage GT12 Roadster at Goodwood