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Leslie Jones is definitely invited to my Game of Thrones viewing party

At my apartment, we have a very strict "no talking during Game of Thrones" policy. Since the show is jam-packed with #content, we try to minimize any outside noise so that we don’t miss such important lines as "I drink and I know things" or "You’re a greedy bitch, you know that?" And you had to be extra silent to catch Maester Pycelle’s nuanced fart joke in episode three.

We already know that Jones slays at the GOT live tweet game

But I’d be more than willing to lift the talking ban if Leslie Jones were to watch Game of Thrones with me. We already know that Jones slays at the GOT live tweet game, and now thanks to Seth Meyers, we know that her audio commentary is on point, too (as if there was much doubt of that). Jones and Meyers watched the most recent Game of Thrones episode together, featuring the bloody dog pile that was the Battle of the Bastards. The hangout was aptly named "Game of Jones," and honestly HBO should consider making this the pilot episode of another weekly GoT post-show, this one dedicated purely to Jones reacting to Jon Snow and crew.

Some highlights:

Jones: "You’re still a bastard! You killed your daddy. You’re really a bastard!"

Jones: "I love you Rickon... but you need to ZIG ZAG MOTHERFUCKER!"

Meyers: "A muddy Jon Snow shows up at your apartment, you do not send him away?"

Jones: "I do not send him away, but he does not get into the bed. I got real nice sheets."

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll ever experience the precious gift that is a Leslie Jones hangout, but a girl can dream (and rewatch this video multiple times).

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