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Kanye West is premiering his video for Famous with a live stream tonight

Kanye West is premiering his video for Famous with a live stream tonight


It's debuting live in LA at 10PM ET

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Kanye West's live-streamed premiere of The Life of Pablo at Madison Square Garden was a phenomenal success back in February, and he's trying to recapture that magic by hosting a similar event for the premiere of his "Famous" music video tonight in Los Angeles. (I guess Aziz Ansari's magical West-approved fan video just wasn't cutting it anymore.) West is going to play the video for the first time at The Forum tonight at 7PM PT — that's 10PM ET for you East Coast viewers — and he's live-streaming the premiere through Tidal for subscribers and non-subscribers alike. (We'll update this post with the embedded version of the stream when it's ready later tonight.) The video itself is going to remain a Tidal exclusive for one week following its premiere.

There's Taylor Swift drama on the table

In addition to being chosen as one of The Life of Pablo's singles, "Famous" is infamous for containing a line about Taylor Swift that reignited her long-simmering feud with West. (The line in question: "For all my South Side niggas that know me best / I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous.") Swift condemned the line as misogynistic and tasteless, and indirectly addressed with a pointed Grammy acceptance speech a few days after its release; West claimed he asked and received permission to use the line from Swift herself.

The scandal was revived last week when West's wife Kim Kardashian West told GQ that Swift had "totally approved" the line, and that her phone call with West regarding the song was captured on video. (Swift allegedly demanded the footage be destroyed through an attorney.) This has led to speculation that West is going to use the "Famous" premiere event to reveal the footage and clear his name. Does it exist? And if so, would he actually go through with a plan like that? You'll have to tune in tonight to find out.

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