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Play a new episode for old Quake from the Wolfenstein: The New Order studio

Play a new episode for old Quake from the Wolfenstein: The New Order studio

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MachineGames has released a new episode for the original Quake to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Id Software’s wildly influential first-person shooter. You can download the chapter for free here; you’ll need to extract the package into your Quake folder, then set "-game dopa" as a launch option in Steam. Quake is $2.49 in the Steam summer sale right now, in case you don't own it.

Quake came out on Saturday June 22nd, 1996 — just one day before Super Mario 64, which pretty firmly cements that weekend as the most important in the history of 3D games. Quake’s revolutionary 3D engine set the standard for FPS games in the ‘90s, and was one of the earliest good reasons to buy a 3D graphics card.

The new Quake episode is particularly intriguing considering the developer and recent events that have brought Id’s classic FPS legacy back into the spotlight. MachineGames was behind the excellent Wolfenstein: The New Order and follow-up The Old Blood, while Id itself just released an unexpectedly brilliant return to the Doom franchise.

The multiplayer-focused Quake Champions was just announced at E3, too, but could a modern take on the original Quake’s Lovecraftian, Nine Inch Nails-soundtracked horror be next? Id's annual QuakeCon is in August, so here's hoping.