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Watch the new Star Trek Beyond trailer featuring Rihanna’s single Sledgehammer

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There's a new trailer for Star Trek Beyond out, and with it, Rihanna's new single from the film's soundtrack, titled "Sledgehammer." And while there isn't a lot of new information in the trailer itself (the Enterprise is still getting ripped to shreds; Idris Elba's blue-faced reptilian villain is still representing the part of space where "the frontier pushes back") you can at least listen to "Sledgehammer" in full below.

Beyond is scheduled for a US release on July 22nd and is directed by Justin Lin, a stalwart of the Fast & Furious franchise. As this heritage might suggest, the new film looks like it's trying to reinvigorate the rebooted Star Trek with more action and adrenaline. J.J. Abram's 2009 Star Trek did a good job of reestablishing the series, but 2013's sequel Into Darkness was less well received. Hopefully Beyond will be able act out its name, and go a little further into the complexities of Star Trek.

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