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65daysofstatic are taking the No Man’s Sky soundtrack on tour

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No Man's Sky

The sci-fi sounds of No Man’s Sky will soon be beamed to a music venue near you. British band 65daysofstatic have announced a new world tour in support of the soundtrack for the game, starting in October in Tilburg, Netherlands. So far only European dates have been announced through to November, but the band says there’s more to come. “There will be more parts coming,” they explain. “Just hold tight.” Tickets go on sale starting June 29th.

65daysofstatic’s generative soundtrack has long been one of the most enticing aspects of No Man’s Sky, a game about exploring a vast, seemingly unending universe. The soundtrack is appropriately called No Man’s Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe, and will be broken down into two albums: a more traditional 10-song collection, which is joined by an additional six “soundscapes.” If you’re not familiar with the band, they just released a second song from the soundtrack, called “Red Parallax,” which you can listen to below. (You can also check out the first single right here.)

The launch of No Man’s Sky on the PS4 and PC was recently delayed until August, and Music for an Infinite Universe has similarly been pushed back. The soundtrack will be available August 10th in North America.