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Uber partners with Pandora to give drivers ad-free internet radio

Uber is integrating Pandora into its Partner app, giving drivers the ability to easily hunt for personalized music stations while on the road. The company says the new feature is rolling out to drivers in the US, Australia, and New Zealand, and will be ad-free for the first six months.

Another perk Uber is giving to drivers

Uber will also be providing aux cables to drivers to take advantage of the partnership. The ridesharing company already has a longstanding deal with Spotify, which gives passengers the ability to control the music they listen to on their way to their destination. This feature puts control back in the hands of those behind the wheel, and comes as it tries to provide more perks like branded debit cards and discounts.

Pandora, for its part, also stands to benefit. As monthly listeners slowly decline, this new feature serves as a way to keep interest in the service up in the months ahead.