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Watch a new trailer for the scary-as-hell sci-fi movie Morgan

Watch a new trailer for the scary-as-hell sci-fi movie Morgan


Kate Mara vs. a murderous artificial preteen

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Morgan is the debut directorial effort from Ridley Scott's son Luke Scott, a sci-fi thriller that's being promoted with a new trailer running in advance of Independence Day: Resurgence. (The elder Scott is producing the movie.) Who — or what — is Morgan, exactly? She's an artificial being that's evolving more rapidly than her creators can comprehend, and she's not responding to continued confinement very well. (That might be the most human thing about her, actually. What middle schooler wants to be locked in their room all day? She doesn't even have a computer or a game console in there.)

When Morgan (Anya Taylor-Joy) instigates an "incident" that leaves her containment facility in shambles, Kate Mara — a hardened sort of corporate fixer — gets called in to assess the damage and make a plan regarding Morgan's "termination." She's not just going to parachute in and leave with a bunch of paperwork after a half day's work, because that would make for a boring and strange movie. Instead, Paul Giamatti heads in for an interview with Morgan and sends her into a frothing rage, and all hell breaks loose from there. I think Morgan looks absolutely terrifying, but I also find the parts of Chopped where there are only two people left unbearably tense, so I may not be the target audience here. If you don't mind a little spooky mixed into your sci-fi, Morgan's landing in theaters on September 2nd.

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