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Amazon Video now offers Dolby Vision HDR content

Amazon Video now offers Dolby Vision HDR content


Both HDR formats are now supported

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Last year, Amazon began offering 4K HDR content on its video services, and now it has expanded its support of the high quality format to include Dolby Vision, the other (and arguably better) high dynamic range format. The second season of of Amazon's original series Bosch is now available in Dolby Vision through Amazon Prime Video, and a number of movies from Sony Pictures including The Smurfs 2, Men in Black 3, Salt, Fury, Pineapple Express, and Elysium are available for purchase through Amazon Video, the company announced today.

Netflix already supports both Dolby Vision and HDR10 (the industry name for standard HDR) and Vudu supports Dolby's format as well, so Amazon is pretty much playing catch up at this point. But for owners of LG's Super UHD and OLED sets — both of which support the Dolby Vision format — the move should be a welcome addition.

Update: June 27th: 1:15PM ET: Updated to note that Vizio's M-Series and P-Series also support Dolby Vision.

Update: June 27th: 5:55PM ET: Amazon Video's new Dolby Vision HDR content is only supported on LG Super UHD and OLED TVs, and not Vizio's Reference Series, M-Series, and P-Series TVs despite the sets supporting Dolby Vision.