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Facebook's new Slideshow feature turns your photos into videos

Facebook's new Slideshow feature turns your photos into videos


Borrowed from the Moments app

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Facebook really wants people to share more videos, so much so that it will even create them for you. A new feature coming to its iOS app this week, called Slideshow, takes your mobile photos and videos and turns them into a short clip you can customize with different themes and music. Facebook will do this automatically with a pre-made slideshow so long as you've taken at least five photos or videos in the last 24 hours. If you happen upon a slideshow in the News Feed, you can tap a "try it" prompt to make one yourself.

Slideshow was first introduced in the company's standalone photos app Moments. It builds on the social network's "Year in Review" feature to create short films out of what you share, with the hope that you'll then share those videos and keep the cycle going at an ever-accelerated pace. By taking the Slideshow feature from Moments and placing it prominently in the main Facebook app, the company is taking another step in its campaign to turn its social network into a video-first destination.