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The LA Metro takes a cheerful, menacing approach to accidental death

The LA Metro takes a cheerful, menacing approach to accidental death

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Welcome to Safetyville. Here you'll find everything to be completely satisfactory, as long as you don't mind the constant, heavy threat of accidental death by rail transport vehicle.

Safetyville is the setting of the Los Angeles Metro's new safety campaign, designed to deter people from doing things that could cause a train to potentially destroy their body on impact. Safetyville's motto: "Smile! A train could always murder you."

Here's Mike, a man driving his car. Mike makes the very interesting life decision to drive his car through the safety rails that indicate the presence of an impending train. Uh oh Mike! Mike dies.

And here's Jimmy, a guy who's been waiting an entire year to go to a new skate park. But then, Jimmy rides his skateboard on the train platform, causing a cop to gesticulate wildly at him. Jimmy is understandably disoriented by this. He hits a rock and his leg falls off.

Here's Jack, a man who runs into a train with such force that his head becomes unconnected to his body.

The best part about these videos is that they imagine the worst possible outcome to every situation. Joan gets hit by a train because she's too busy looking at her phone, and also every one of her limbs gets detached from her torso. Jose's body gets thrown from his car and he lands, crotch first, on a wooden pole. It's everything you'd want in a PSA: dramatic gore without any blood, and an eerie detached cheerfulness that will probably work its way into your nightmares.