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Poop emoji rafts belong in every pool

Poop emoji rafts belong in every pool

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Forgot to buy a Father’s Day present? Why not give the old man a floating poop emoji?

One of many emoji floats, this buoyant rubber poo will inspire dads around the pool to endlessly reference the 1980 comedy Caddyshack. "Baby Ruth," they’ll chortle before slurping the dregs of a Miller Light.

Just imagine your dad, or any dad you know, supine on this smiling turd as the two are cooked by the summer sun. Imagine it!

Truly, there’s an emoji float for everyone: the sunglasses face, the 100 square, the fire. All these emoji are available in five to seven-foot long rafts. The eggplant emoji comes in two flavors: one is rode like a bucking bronco, the other allows its rider to sink into its bulbous curves.

The novelties normally cost between $39.95 and $49.95 at, but they’re currently on sale at Product Hunt for the Fourth of July.