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Microsoft says Windows 10 Anniversary Update is coming August 2nd

Microsoft says Windows 10 Anniversary Update is coming August 2nd

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Windows 10's first big update will arrive August 2nd — or, at least, that's what it sounds like. Microsoft published a blog post earlier today that included only a headline, "Microsoft announces Windows 10 Anniversary Update available Aug. 2," and then pulled the story moments later. It's possible that Microsoft just got the date wrong, but, more likely than not, Microsoft seems to have just clicked the publish button earlier than it meant to. Presumably, a formal announcement will come soon.

Microsoft announced Windows 10's Anniversary Update back in March, during its Build conference. The update puts a major focus on Windows Ink, building out its feature set to make stylus use far more powerful. It also brings extensions to Edge, as well as smaller improvements to Hello and Cortana, along with some minor interface tweaks.

The Anniversary Update will be free (if you've already installed Windows 10)

As its name suggests, this update arrives very nearly on the anniversary of Windows 10's release, which began July 29th last year. In the time since, Microsoft has pushed Windows 10 onto over 300 million machines (albeit, in a sometimes aggressive manner that not everyone appreciated). That's been helped in large part because the update, for people with Windows 7 and 8, has been free — however, that'll change just before the Anniversary Update arrives.

The Anniversary Update will be free to everyone with Windows 10, though people updating from older versions of Windows are expected to have to pay $119 for a full install. That's likely to significantly slow down adoption. It also means, if you've been putting off the update but planned to get around to it eventually, now's about the time to click install.

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