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Donald Trump stands in front of garbage, waits for punchlines

Donald Trump stands in front of garbage, waits for punchlines

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Donald Trump is currently standing in front of a wall of garbage. If you hadn’t heard already, I’ll assume you have a healthy distance from social media.

Donald Trump knows that good press and bad press, at least for him, are simply competing tributaries feeding into his river of self-promotion. When he stands between cable news cameras and a mound of trash, on a particularly slow Tuesday, he understands that the internet will do what it always does: entertain itself. For someone often described as thin-skinned, he gets the power of being the butt of a joke. Trump's known as much for decades.

Donald Trump is a human meme generator; he is a content Pez dispenser; he is a generous stand-up comic who crafts a setup so perfect, the punchlines write themselves. Though we're all here to help.

I’m guilty of it. My peers are guilt of it. Maybe you’re guilty of it, too. Laughing at Donald Trump is fun, because when we laugh he feels like a benign goof and not a real person running for President of the United States of America.

And so the punchlines flow. And so Donald Trump owns another news cycle without breaking a sweat, even under the late June sun that threatens to ignite another garbage fire.

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