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Best Buy now offers free consultations for upgrading your house with new tech

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Another attempt at taking back sales from Amazon

Best Buy is testing out a new consultation service in a few cities, which involves the retailer's employees coming to your home, scoping out all the tech you've got, and recommending potential upgrades and fancier gadgets to replace all of it with. Well, not all of it; the idea is for them to assist you with whatever you're thinking of stepping up next, be it your home theater setup, outfitting your house with smart home tech, or maybe buying some new appliances.

These employees ("advisors" in Best Buy speak) will help you find the right products (from Best Buy, of course) and coordinate services like Geek Squad installations. No, that part's definitely not free. And sure, this is really just a poorly disguised way for Best Buy to sell you more things. You'd probably be better off turning to the internet for help getting the right stuff and then buying it from Amazon — just the thing that Best Buy hates. But some humans just like having everything done for them and then paying for it. And now you've got an easy out when family and friends ask for tech advice! Best Buy's new consultations are currently available in Atlanta, Austin, and San Antonio.