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Neil Gaiman is rewriting Norse Mythology in his new book

Neil Gaiman is rewriting Norse Mythology in his new book


Norse Mythology is about to get big

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Finding references to Norse mythology in Neil Gaiman’s works such as American Gods, Sandman, and Odd and the Frost Giants is a common occurrence. The award winning fantasy author has long been fascinated by North Germanic story traditions, and in a new book titled Norse Mythology, coming in February 2017, he’ll be going straight to the source in a book that reinterprets the ancient stories for a modern audience.

According to the book's cover copy, Gaiman will take the Norse mythos and fashion the stories and characters into a "novelistic arc" that begins with the beginning of time and ends with the mythical apocalypse of Ragnarök.

Part novel, part reboot of Norse mythology

Gaiman noted that he is aiming to bring the characters to life in "profound, sometimes funny, sometimes heroic, sometimes dark, and always inevitable," ways, rather than producing a scholarly work that examines the canon.

The result appears to be part novel, part examination, and part reinterpretation of a body of literature that has formed the basis for a vast amount of the fantasy canon, weaving in well-known figures such as Odin, Thor, Loki, and others.

This book is just one of several high-profile projects that Gaiman is involved in: a television adaptation of his Hugo Award-winning novel American Gods is currently in production and set to air in 2017 on Starz, and William Morrow published a collection of his nonfiction, The View from the Cheap Seats, earlier this year.