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Chevy cuts pricing on in-car LTE connections

Chevy cuts pricing on in-car LTE connections

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It isn't often that wireless plans go down in cost without any strings attached, but Chevy appears to have done that today on its in-car LTE plans. The 1GB and 10GB packages go down to $10 and $40 per month from $20 and $80, respectively, and there's a new 4GB tier available for $20. A separate $150-per-year plan that previously offered 10GB per month now offers 20GB, but remains unchanged in price.

The plans — which are serviced by AT&T's LTE network — operate on the modems that Chevy first started rolling out across its entire US product range in 2014. Although the new pricing compares favorably to AT&T's own service plans, it's obviously restricted by the fact that it's tied to your car; there's no SIM that you can pop out and take with you every time you leave. The system offers an in-car Wi-Fi hotspot, which can then be used to connect tablets, phones, and laptops.

Chevy doesn't say exactly how many LTE data bucket subscribers they've signed up in the past two years, but it says that its customers have consumed over 3 million gigabytes of data in that period, and that "usage continues to trend upward."

Correction: The article originally stated that there was a 4GB plan that went to $40 from $80 and that there was a new 2GB tier; it was the 10GB plan that decreased in price, and the new tier is 4GB.