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Rihanna's Sledgehammer video is premiering in IMAX theaters tomorrow

Rihanna's Sledgehammer video is premiering in IMAX theaters tomorrow


Her Star Trek Beyond video is the first shot entirely with IMAX cameras

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Rihanna's Star Trek Beyond soundtrack contribution "Sledgehammer" is a massive ballad, so it feels appropriate that the song's video is making an IMAX-sized debut tomorrow morning. The Floria Sigismondi-directed clip is the first music video ever shot entirely with IMAX cameras, and it's going to premiere in IMAX theaters tomorrow (June 30th) at 9AM ET. The Fader is reporting that the video's supposed to premiere alongside screenings of The Legend of Tarzan, but that doesn't mesh well with Rihanna's tweeted time unless there are morning screenings in your area. We've reached out for clarification and we'll update once we know more.

Rihanna tweeted out a brief teaser for the video this morning, and it looks suitably alien: she's terraforming a canyon and conjuring purple orbs while decked in a funky, flowing red pseudo-pantsuit. If you're living in some IMAX-less wasteland, you won't have to wait long to see the video: it's coming to Tidal and VEVO for your infinite streaming pleasure just an hour after its IMAX premiere.

Once you're finished with "Sledgehammer" and its galactic video treatment, you can resume waiting for Star Trek Beyond itself — it's landing in theaters on July 22nd.

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