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Google Maps on mobile is adding support for multiple destinations

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Google Maps is an incredibly useful smartphone app, and I use it every single day. But there are some things that it's still really stupid about. Sure, the Android and iOS app can tell you about gas, food, and other places to stop along your route from point A to point B. But what if you want to add another destination? What about point C? Until now, only the desktop version of Google Maps has allowed you to get directions for a trip that spans multiple stops. Thankfully that feature is now headed to mobile — starting first with Android.

It's rolling out now, and you'll know you've got it when you see a new plus icon underneath the directions field in Maps. Hit that and you can add another place to stop at. And another. And another after that. No longer must you complete a trip somewhere before you can get directions for the next phase of your trip. Pretty cool! Google is enabling the feature server-side, so as long as you've got the latest version of Google Maps for Android (version 9.21), you should see it pop up eventually. Hopefully it won't be long until iOS users receive it as well.