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Sony is opening one last wave of PlayStation VR preorders in a few hours

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Sony first opened — and quickly closed — preorders for its PlayStation VR headset back in March, but now people in the US have one more chance to preorder the PlayStation 4-compatible virtual reality device. The company is opening a new wave of preorders at 7 AM PT (10 AM ET) on June 30th, it announced today, with a limited number of devices available through Gamestop's online store.

Previously both the PlayStation VR Launch bundle ($499, packaged with the PlayStation Camera and Move controllers) and the core pack ($399, just the headset) were made available for preorder, but it's not clear whether people who preorder from Gamestop in a few hours will be able to choose between the two options. Sony has confirmed this will be the last chance for you to lock in a preorder for its VR headset, though, with everyone else having to wait until the product actually arrives on shelves on October 13th.

PlayStation VR's launch lineup