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Chicago opens online archive to release video of police shootings

A Chicago agency that reviews police misconduct cases has just released a series of video clips related to dozens of shooting investigations in the city.

Information related to more than 100 incidents

In total, the release, which also includes other types of police incidents, includes information related to more than 100 investigations. As reported early by the Chicago Tribune, audio and documents related to the cases were also released online, posted to a searchable database. The release was organized by the city's Independent Police Review Authority.

The release comes after Chicago has faced increasing pressure for transparency in shooting incidents. Video showing the shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald caused a nationwide controversy after its release in November, but was shown to the public only after a court order.

In February, a new policy in the city required video of police shootings to be released within 60 days of the incident. The new policy also requires the release of information from incidents where taser use resulted in injury or death, as well as when civilians were seriously harmed or killed while in custody.