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Thanos' almighty Infinity Gauntlet defeated by above-average oven heat

Thanos' almighty Infinity Gauntlet defeated by above-average oven heat


Keep away from Marvel superheroes and hot surfaces

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Loot Crate

The most powerful weapon in the universe has a weakness: it cannot withstand the neccesary heat to remove a cast iron pizza pan once warmed to 400-plus degrees. Reports of the weapon's fragility have been making the rounds by way of Loot Crate, which shipped an Infinity Gauntlet oven mitt to subscribers in its May product bundle. Following many failed attempts to hold hot objects and presumably eradicate Marvel superheroes, the device has been dubbed defective.

You see, the Infinity Gauntlet contains all six Infinity Stones, giving its wearer complete mastery over the forces of time, space, mind, soul, reality, and power. Its wearer, Thanos, uses the glove to snap half the universe's life forms out of existence during the Infinity War, the two-part onscreen adaption of which makes its way to theaters starting in 2018 as part of the Avengers franchise.

One small detail was left out: the Infinity Gauntlet was never properly heat-tested before turned into oven mitt form. Here's Loot Crate's email to customers, obtained by Bleeding Cool:

Loot Crate has recently been made aware of isolated incidents with the Infinity Gauntlet Oven Mitt (pictured above) from our May 2016 Power Box that we purchased for inclusion. Some Looters have complained that their oven mitt failed to resist oven temperature items during normal use.

Based on these reports, we believe it’s possible some of the oven mitts sent in your Loot Crates will not withstand the high temperatures stated in the Loot Crate magazine and may pose a safety hazard, including a risk of burns. Please IMMEDIATELY STOP USING THIS PRODUCT AND CAREFULLY SECURE IT FROM USE BY OTHERS.

You have to respect Loot Crate customer service's all-caps understanding of how powerful the Infinity Gauntlet is and why it must never fall into the wrong hands, which includes those baking below 350 degrees. The company is recalling every product, and instructs owners to store the mitt "in a safe place until we can develop the appropriate return or disposal protocol." That presumably involves Captain America showing up to your home and using it to push back another universe from collapsing onto ours or [insert other semi-obscure Marvel reference here].