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Take an awesome 3D tour of the International Space Station

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Courtesy of the European Space Agency

Only about 220 people have ever been on board the International Space Station. Now, thanks to a 3D video by the European Space Agency, you can pretend to be one of them. At least until space tourism becomes a thing and we can all visit the ISS and experience zero gravity.

The video starts with a narrated tour of the outside of the station, which unfortunately does not include the expandable habitat that was recently inflated on the ISS. The first part of the station was launched in 1998. Various components and modules were added through time; today, the ISS measures 357 feet end-to-end — as long as a football field. The 3D tour leads you through the hatch and the pressurized module astronauts use to exit the ISS during space walks. And then you're inside the station.

Gif from ESA video

You can see the American, European, and Japanese labs, as well as the Russian section, where astronauts eat their floating meals. At a certain point, just to show you how cool the ISS is, space droids hover around using their own propulsion. The tour also gives you a glimpse of the famous cupola, the seven-window dome where astronauts go to conduct dockings and take stunning photos of the Earth.

Gif from ESA video

Beware, the video is 13-minutes long. But if you're a space fan and dream about visiting the ISS, put on your 3D glasses and enjoy every minute of it.