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Hyper will sort through the internet muck and find you the best 10 videos of the day

Hyper will sort through the internet muck and find you the best 10 videos of the day


Can it help us overcome video overload?

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There are a whole lot of videos on the internet. Some are great, some are bad, and some just shouldn't exist. And that makes figuring out what to watch each day a huge hassle; there are just too many videos to sort through. An app for iOS called Hyper thinks it has the answer.

"More videos are uploaded to the web in one day than you can consume in an entire lifetime," Markus Gilles, CEO and co-founder of Hyper, said to me in an email. "Content overload has become a real barrier [for finding videos to watch], and we are already seeing that the pendulum is swinging back to quality as the key differentiator."

we're saturated with videos

His app, which is launching on the iPhone today after being released on Apple TV and the iPad, gives users 10 videos every day tailored to their interests. Hyper’s human curators sift through the day’s internet content, and work with media partners, including The New Yorker, GQ, and Refinery29, to find the best stuff. Users choose their interests when they first launch the app. Tech and science is one option, for example. Their daily curated playlist also downloads over Wi-Fi, so it can be played without an internet connection. If you spend all day scouring the internet for tech videos, then maybe you’ll have already seen some of these — but Hyper’s bet is that most people haven't done the work.

look at that UI

I tested the app out ahead of its iPhone launch. Its design is sleek and of-the-moment in the best way possible, with its UI putting me at ease with bold text, easy swipes to navigate, and beautiful imagery in the background. The design makes me want to click and watch. The videos I received were well-produced and ones I wouldn't have sought out before. It was nice to have them in front of me, but I’m not sure I’d watch every day. Maybe if I’m bored in bed or on the subway, I can see myself navigating to Hyper and watching at least a video or two. Ten is a lot. I'm also not the target audience, though. I rarely watch videos; I'm even bad about watching Netflix shows. I imagine if I consumed a lot of videos, Hyper would make my life easier by setting me up with quality content with minimal effort on my part.

Gilles thinks Hyper’s human curation is the differentiator that makes his app worth keeping around. Will it keep us tuned in and interested in video content? I don’t have the answer, but I do think a curated playlist is at least a start to solving a video saturation problem.