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Rihanna and the Starship Enterprise costar in the trippy video for Sledgehammer

The video for Rihanna's contribution to the upcoming Star Trek Beyond soundtrack premiered this morning in IMAX theaters. It's the first music video to be shot entirely with IMAX cameras, and it features Rihanna hanging out in space, performing magic. Near the end she turns into some kind of celestial god. It's cool!

The Starship Enterprise also makes an appearance in the clip, which is directed by frequent David Bowie and Katy Perry collaborator Floria Sigismondi. "Sledgehammer," a rueful and dark song penned by Sia, stands in pretty stark contrast to the hammy Beastie Boys track selected for the film's first trailer. What will the tone of this film end up being? Who knows! We'll find out when in lands in theaters on July 22nd.


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