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There's going to be a Wreck-It Ralph sequel

There's going to be a Wreck-It Ralph sequel

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Disney just announced a sequel to 2012's animated movie, Wreck-It Ralph. Directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston will return to helm the sequel, along with John C. Reilly. The news was unveiled in a Facebook Live video, during which Reilly kept interrupting Moore and Johnston as they attempted to make the announcement.

Wreck it again Ralph

"Are we getting liked right now?" Reilly asks, after he's told they're being recorded live. Then, when Moore and Johnston tell him they're trying to announce important news, he steals their thunder again. "Oh, about Wreck-It Ralph 2? I've made that announcement several times, but it's official now."

Details on the plot are scarce, but Reilly does let one hint slip: the sequel will see Ralph leaving his game, Fix-It Felix, Jr., and eventually "breaking the internet."

The movie will be out on March 9th, 2018.